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An intuitive graphical construct designed to render tactile perception information in the online environment. The sense of touch is subliminal, powerful and directly related to consumer perceptions of quality and product satisfaction. Touch-Scale renders this information in an easily absorbed format and is seamless with the shopping experience. The result is increased CTU and reduced returns.

SynTouch, Inc., is the world leader in the science of human touch. We help many of the largest companies in the world protect their haptic brand and improve product development, quality control and global resourcing. Touch-Scale is a derivative of the SynTouch Standard 15 Dimensions of Touch utilized by engineers. For more information on the science behind Touch-Scale, learn more below or contact us.

Scenario: Shopping for Bed Sheets

Going by Thread Count

Thread Count can only present a scale that to most consumers, is arbitrary due to their preconceived notions or conflicting information about how thread count effects the quality of the fabric.

Going by Reviews

A review is someones opinion of the the overall product experience they get from the minute it arrives until they feel they know enough to state their opinion and a subjective stance that may not ever touch upon the quality of a product

Nearly half of all US Households are members of Amazon Prime. Purchases of items in which tactile characteristics play a significant role in the consumer experience (categories highlighted) comprise some 60%+ of all sales activity. Clearly, conveying tactile characteristics can be useful in potentially increasing CTU’s and/or reducing returned items.

Category % of Total Purchasers
Toys 26.7%
Books - Physical 24.6%
Electronics < $50 22.2%
CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs 18.4%
Electronics > $50 17.6%
Personal care products 17.0%
Men’s apparel and acce 17.0%
Video games 16.7%
Pet products 14.8%
Home and garden 13.8%
Category % of Total Purchasers
Household products 13.6%
Books - Electronic 13.6%
Women’s clothing 13.5%
Groceries 13.4%
Vitamins or food supplements 13.2%
Gift card(s) 12.2%
Streamed movies/TV shows - Paid 11.6%
Cosmetics and fragrances 10.5%
Children’s apparel 9.0%
Children’s and baby products 8.5%
Source: Cowen & Co., Dec. 2016 Consumer Tracking Survey, 2,500 respondent

Our Solution?

A platform that presents an objective indication of a product's characteristics when it comes to how it feels.

Presenting: Touch-Scale

With Touch-Scale, we can present consumers with elements on the page to allow them to see products that have been quanitifed using the system and give them an interface to further filter the products on screen by Softness, Coarseness, Thermal (Cool), Thermal (Warm) and Adhesion.

The shopper can then make an informed purchase at a level never seen before

These are just some samples of infographics that can be used relay tactile information to the online user.

See how a familiar interface is enhanced in the mockup below